There are few available details of Branch Managers being in specific posts at specific dates, but a number of different sources provide some details - as specified below:
Committee minutes in August 1919 detailed the appointments of the officers to be in charge of branches on the first day of business. They were given the titles of 'Branch Superintendent' or 'Clerk-in-Charge' depending on the status of the branch. At a meeting of the General Committee on October 16th 1922 it was Resolved:
That in future, Officers in charge of Daily Branches be designated "Branch Managers".
In general, this designation is used throughout this website.
Branch Managers - 1919
Branch Managers - 1922
The Bank's Finance Sub-Committee meeting in 1923 and 1924 (regarding Fidelity Guarantees) listed the names of Branch Managers and Clerks-in-Charge without specifying their branches:
Branch Managers - 1923
Branch Managers - 1924
At a meeting of the Bank's General Purposes Sub-Committee on February 8th 1926, the officers in charge of branches were referred to as Managers:
Branch Managers - 1926
The Annual Report and Statement of Accounts for four successive years (1928 to 1931) listed the names of Managers for the Daily Branch Banks. In those lists, the Managers were referred to as Officers-in-Charge.
Branch Managers - 1928
Branch Managers - 1929
Branch Managers - 1930
Returns made by branches to Head Office regarding the sales of the General Manager's book (Britain's First Municipal Savings Bank) were signed by the following managers:
The Staff Association's Register of members listed staff by Branch and Department as at January 27th 1958,
and is the source for the following:
The Bank's Staff Magazines periodically listed Branch Managers, and is the source of the following:
Branch Management